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In the rescue world the highest number of dogs (and cats) placed into shelters around the US are seniors (this is ranging from 8-20+ years of age). There are many reasons for this happening from divorce, allergies of the humans, medical needs of the dogs, the family getting a new younger version, etc.

When HHBR pulls the seniors from the shelters or takes them in directly from surrendering owners we take the time to get the dog completely vetted (for any hound over the age of 7 years this includes complete and thorough physical, all vaccinations, HW test, fecal, de-worming, complete blood profile/panel, UA, dental and any lumps or skin tags removed) and evaluate him/her emotionally and behaviorally. If the hound is determined to be medically terminal, advanced in age(above 12)-as Clyde is, has chronic long term medical needs, or is behaviorally or socially not sound we have foster homes that willingly and openly welcome these hounds into their lives, homes and hearts and let them safely and securely live out the remainder of their days.

While it may sometimes be evident the hound needs it's final home with minimal moving to discontinue the upheaval, as is the case in Clyde's life, in it's life we admit sometimes we hope for the best in placing a healthy senior up for adoption--knowing they most likely will never go anywhere else other than us :)

HHBR continues to support these hounds medically, with monthly HW prevention and food if the hound requires a specialized prescription diet. But ultimately the wonderful foster homes that can open their hearts and homes to these dogs make the "Forever Foster Program" possible! Without them we would have to turn our help down!

If you'd considering opening your home to foster a senior hound, or even heck a young hound--as this would open another foster to help that senior in need--we'd love to have you check out the below webpage! And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask either here or shoot us an email at [email protected] 


If fostering isn't in the cards for your home or family maybe consider making a one time or reoccurring monthl
y donation to one of HHBR's Forever Fosters.  hese hounds are in desperate need for 'Monthly Angels' as it still takes HHBR funds to offer them the medications, Heartworm and flea preventatives and specialized diets each month.  To become a senior hounds 'Angel' please click here

FUNFACT: HHBR currently has 5 Forever fosters located in 5 foster homes:

*GOMER-13 years old -(HW +-due to his age and health he cannot get HW treatment and we are using the slow kill method for him), 
*OSLO-12 yrs old -(he was returned to HHBR when his elderly owner passed away-she adopted him as a senior- and he developed Glaucoma and his mental status is not one we consider adoptable, 
*BAXTER-11.5 years old -(he has cancer and is the grumpiest old man we have ever met!), 
*STUMPY-13 years old-(he has a heart defect and also needed that stable quiet environment to help with high anxiety)
*CLYDE-14-16 years old-(his anxiety is high and at his age with being uprooted from the family he had since puppyhood to the neighbor during a move to the shelter and now to us we are willing to make his life happy and whole!)