Hounds Haven Basset Rescue Of Iowa - Nothing Butt Bassets

Thank you for choosing to adopt a homeless hound! We will receive the application submission and review it within 24-36 hours and be in contact via email.  Should you feel your form may have not been submitted or have not heard from us within 36 hours please contact us at admin@houndshavenbassetrescue.com

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  

Hounds Haven is a very small all volunteer based rescue and we can only take Basset's to rehome as our time and budget allows--we will not go into a rescue without the proper recources to care for that hound.  
If we do not currently have any hounds that would meet the requirement of your home enviroment we will contact you to discuss the options BUT we can also highyl suggest the Basset and Basset Mix rescues below.

We highly reccommend contacting these rescues to see if they have any Basset Hounds available for adoption. Please remember each rescue has it's individual adoption requirements and procedures.   

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartlan

Minnesota Basset Rescue

Basset Buddies Rescue

Western Missouri Basset Rescue

AaRoooo!! Basset Rescue