Hounds Haven Basset Rescue Of Iowa - Nothing Butt Bassets

Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa, Inc. is Iowa's only breed specific state licensed foster based rescue for Basset Hounds. HHBR is a 501(c)(3) non-for profit all volunteer run no-kill rescue organization.  We are located in IA and rescue Basset Hounds in need through out the states of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas. We are NOT a shelter and list our Basset friends in need as a public service.  All hounds reside in HHBR foster homes.  If you would like any additional info on any of the hounds listed under the "Adoptable Hounds" tab please contact the name and contact info listed on that hounds bio.   
UPDATE 4/1/2013:  We are pleased to announce that Hounds Haven Basset Rescue is now legally known as Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa, Inc.  HHBR is still a license non-profit 501(c)(3) status organization and as always your donations are tax deductible.
UPDATE 6/28/2010:  Due to Iowa State Laws in order for a rescue in the state of Iowa to have foster homes they have to hold a shelter license and also be approved for a Fostering Oversight Permit.  Back in February of 2010 HHBR set it's goal high to become the only State approved Shelter/Rescue for Basset Hounds and get that Fostering Oversight Permit!  We are pleased to announce WE DID IT!!  The designation of animal shelter is the highest level of certification offered in Iowa and we are both excited and humbled to have achieved this milestone.  After much dedication, hard work, endless miles traveled from our volunteers HHBR has built a small shelter in Johnson Co Iowa.  All though this shelter meets State of Iowa Requirements outlined in Chapter 67 of the Animal Welfare Laws it will NEVER house any of HHBR's Basset's For Adoption.  We will continue to be a Foster Home Based Organization.  We feel our beloved Bassets deserve to be part of a family, learn to live and love the "indoor" life and get the high quality of vet care Hounds Haven offers each and every hound we rescue & rehome. 

What makes Hounds Haven Unique?:
Lifetime support. While most reputable rescues will accept a dog back into their program once it has been adopted, we take that one step further.We are always available to adopters to help with any issues that may arise so that the adoption doesn't fail and the dog doesn't have to be returned. As long as you are committed to the dog, we are committed to helping you make it work.

Developing a relationship, not executing an exchange. We've been criticized for wanting to remain too involved in the lives of the dogs we adopt out. We don't ever stop by unexpectedly to snoop around, but we may send emails or call every now and then just to check in and see how everything is going. We love getting pictures of the kids in their new homes and hearing stories of your successes. We are not selling you a dog and then walking away. If that's what you are looking for, go visit your local shelter. When we agree to take a dog into rescue, we are making a lifetime commitment to that dog, and we take that commitment VERY seriously.
Inquiries can be sent to admin@houndshavenbassetrescue.com