Hounds Haven Basset Rescue Of Iowa - Nothing Butt Bassets
Hounds Haven Basset Rescue is a rescue organization that approves/rejects applicants on a case-by-case basis.  Our goal is to place our dogs into the most compatible permanent home possible.
Please fill out this application as the first step to being approved, and by filling out an application it does NOT lock you into adopting from HHBR.  It is important to answer all questions in as much detail as possible.  Incomplete applications will not be processed. 
Hounds Haven volunteers will work to match an adopter with the appropriate dog only after the application is approved.  If you have a specific dog in mind, you can discuss that with your application worker after your application has been approved by the volunteer working your application. 
The application process is all handled by volunteers.  Expect the application process to possibly take several days to a week.  You will receive notification when your application has been approved or denied.  You will also be contacted if your application is incomplete.  Thank you for your patience.

HHBR prefers that all adoptive homes have a completely fenced secure yard.  Since most of the hounds come to our rescue as strays or breeder/puppy mill releases we hope adopters understand when we require adoptive homes with a secure fenced in yard we do it for the benefit of the hounds.  We will consider homes with the use of tie-outs and/or leash walking on a case by case basis.  NO UNDERGROUND FENCING is permitted (clause: HHBR will however consider previous adopters with positive history of proper containment and safety of their hound(s) for future adoptions.) Please understand that we have only the best interest of the hounds we consider 'ours'(we do after all get as attached as any adoptive parent could be) as many of the hounds come to us as either strays who end up in shelters or finders homes, puppy mills/breeders and the overwhelming knowledge that no matter how trained a Basset (or any breed) is said to be once a scent is caught the hound will rarely acknowledge anyone shouting at it to stop.
Adopting person(s) agrees to contact the above stated rescue immediately if the rescue dog is lost or stolen.
If I am approved, I agree to the following adoption requirements (please select yes or no):
Adopting person(s) agrees that the rescue dog will be a house pet and will receive all care and attention necessary to ensure its health and well-being. Adopting person(s) will provide adequate food, fresh water, shelter, exercise, veterinary care (including yearly inoculations and monthly heartworm prevention) as recommended by attending veterinarian, and license said dog in accordance with State and Local laws.
Adopting person(s) agrees to purchase Heartworm preventative for the rescue dog (i.e. Interceptor, Heartguard, Sentinel, Revolution) within two weeks of agreement date and to keep the rescue dog on the preventative for the duration of the rescue dog’s life.
Adopting person(s) will not permit the dog to run free or off-leash or out of immediate control. When outside, the dog will never be staked or chained.
Adopting person(s) will provide indoor (not garage) sleeping quarters.
Adopting person(s) will not transport the dog in an open pickup bed or boat.
Adopting person(s) agrees that the dog will, at all times, wear a buckle collar with current rabies tag.
Adopting person(s) will contact above stated rescue at least one week prior to any change of address.
Adopting person(s) will keep the rescue dog for so long as it shall live and will not transfer the ownership to any other person, firm, corporation, or organization for any reason.
If custody of the rescue dog must be relinquished, adopting person(s) agrees to notify the above stated rescue immediately to arrange for its re-adoption.
The adopting person(s) takes the rescue dog as is, with all conditions either observable or unobservable and assumes full risk for the dog from the date of signing an adoption agreement.
The above named rescue has discretion in the refund of the adoption fee in part or in entirety at anytime after the adoption has taken place.
Adopting person(s) agrees that any rescue dog adoption is contingent upon the completion of a home visit, with the rescue dog present, by a Hounds Haven representative. Adopting person(s) acknowledges and agrees that if the Basset rescue volunteer (in its sole discretion) determines that any violation of the above conditions exist, the above names rescue is authorized to immediately retake custody of the dog.
Date of Application
Which Hound(s) are you interested in?
Name(s) of Applicants
City, State, Zip
Home Phone #
Cell Phone #
Work Phone #
Preferred time to Reach You
Email Address(s)
Other People in Home(Names, Ages **PLEASE INCLUDE CHILDREN**)
Are all Adults in agreement of Adopting A Basset
Age of Consenting Adults?
Rent or Own???
If Rent...landlords Name and Phone #
How long have you lived at Current Residence??
Fenced in Secure Yard?? *Please note we require a fenced in yard*
Where will the dog be kept during the day?
Where will the dog sleep at night??
How many hours will the dog be left alone??
Where will the dog be when you are gone?
When you go on vacation where will the dog be??
Who is your Vetrinarian(Name, Address, Phone #, Name used on the account) **please note if you have just moved but have an exisitng pet we will NEED the contact information for the vet in which you last used**.
May we contact your veterinarian to confirm your existing animals health?
How much are you willing to pay in vet bills in a year?
Have you ever owned a Basset Hound before??
If Yes what do you feel are thier best traits?
If no, why did you chose the breed?
How many Pets in the home (this NEEDS to include cats & small animals)?
Ages, Breeds?
Are al lthe animals in the home vaccinatied and altered?
If no, why not?
Have you ever put an animal to sleep and why?
Are you willing to adopt a dog with any of the following issues(please check all that apply)?
Special medical needs

Needs socialization with people

Needs socialization with other animals

Has been formerly abused

Would benefit from obedience training

Basset's have many individual different traits. Please rate the importance of the traits you are looking for. 1 is very important 2 is somewhat important 3 doesn’t matter 4-less desirable 5- can't have
Good with Children
Good with Other dogs
Good with Cats
Crate Trained
House trained
Energetic/Loves to Play
Laid Back
Mixed Breed (Basset Mix)
If you rated any of the above a 1 or 5 please explain why?
Please explain what you do NOT want in a dog?
Time is needed for any dog to adjust to your home and schedule. Please explain how much time you feel is appropriate for a dog to adjust?
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