As we near another year closing, we look back and cannot help but think how truly blessed we were to have had the distinct honor of helping 29 hounds into our foster and forever foster care programs.  2 of those hounds are still in foster care patiently waiting for their forever homes and we have 6 handsome boys in our Forever Foster program, which the Coordinators of HHBR and volunteers should be extremely proud of. 

We also sadly said goodbye too numerous HHBR Alumni and to 5 HHBR hounds; Layla, Max, Elmer, Arnold and Flash. No loss is ever easy, but these losses were incredibly difficult as the 4 boys battled illness and they fought hard but in the end we helped them become bright stars when fighting became too much for them.  And Layla, abused as a puppy and kept in a crate for long lengths of time had behavioral issues we worked with for close to 2 years before the lengths we walked together were just not enough. 

We continued to welcome and be focused on for the primary part the senior hounds in need through IA, MO and KS.  It seems to have become our nature and absolute pleasure to welcome in the hounds 8 years and above.  While some of these seniors are of advanced age, 12 years and older, and become Forever Fosters we are proud to say all the other seniors we take in find loving homes!  That’s a feat we should all be the most thankful for.  But let’s not forget a single senior’s hounds initial vetting includes complete blood work, urinalysis, vaccines, Heartworm Test, Fecal, De-worming, De-fleaing, dentals, altering, lump removal.  And dependent on what they continue to require from there.  Please meet some of the seniors we helped below.  Daisy and Arnold required emergency Splenectomies.  While Daisy did great and has recovered and is home with her loving new Mom, Arnold’s battle was a hard one and we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge just ten days after his surgery! Flash was surrendered to rescue when he lost the motor function in his hind legs, we welcomed him and he underwent a Hemilaminectomy back surgery but just a mere 5 days’ post-operative began having complications and the best thing to do for Flash was to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Now not all the senior stories are bad! Two senior girls, Maggie and Lila, were returned and after getting their vetting current found great forever homes within months!

The money needed for their care was raised for each one through dogged and creative fundraising.
This year has also brought us some great successes in our continued annual fundraisers.  A few of those events being the 5th Annual Online Fundraiser which we deemed “Shop for Snoopy”, a “Pawction” offering an online ticket raffle for a one of a kind piece of art donated by 2 HHBR Donors, and some small Mini Fundraiser’s. 

As this year comes to a close we are thankful for the wonderful village that has helped us to save close to 30 long eared friends; without your help we would not have been able to accomplish this. Sadly, there are many more hounds that we were not able to help.

 At this time of year, many of you are likely finding your mailbox filled with requests from organizations for a year end donation.  Most of these requests are deserving of your support.  I hope you put this request from Hounds Haven in the same category.

As you think about the size of your gift, please consider the magnitude and importance of the challenges that our breed faces and what your gift can accomplish.  Your gift will show others that you took the vital step to make this rescue a force for the good of the Basset Hound. 

Your year-end gift to HHBR will make a difference in the future of our breed.
Please find the PayPal donation link below (It's the candy cane) and our snail mail address. 
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Jess’e Potts on behalf of
The Board of Directors of Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa, Inc.

Hounds Haven Basset Rescue of Iowa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, and as such, all donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

  • Jan Marchlewski
  • Vera Herst 
  • Lynn Wilkerson
  • Norie Fabor for Elmer 

We give special thanks to the above donors for making it possible to help HHBR rescue hounds!

HHBR was contacted on Nov. 13th by a rescuer in SE Missouri about a 8.5 year old male Basset Hound, Flash, who lost control of using his back legs. We were told he could still wag his tail and was not incontinent as we typically see with Basset's who have disc injuries. At the time of contact we as HHBR knew we had just had very large expenses for two of the seniors we recently brought into our foster program needing splenectomies and knowing the expense of a Hemilaminectomy is close to $3-3.5K. We offered the rescuer a contact for another larger Basset Rescue in a neighboring state but after 4 days we learned they and another basset rescue they referred the owner to had said they didn't have the resources and couldn't help. We knew Flash's only chance was to bring him into our care. On Sunday 11/20 the rescuer who lives close to the surrendering family safely got Flash comfortable in the car and made the 10+ hour round trip to Des Moines, IA to deliver Flash to Iowa Veterinary Referral Center where HHBR's orthopedic surgeon, Dr Reimer, could evaluate him.

Flash's records were delivered with him and we finally seem to have the facts we didn't have to begin with  Flash was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease way back in March of 2016. The treatment at that time was to place Flash on tramadol and Prednisone and strict crate rest. It is not noted if this treatment helped any but we are to assume so, at least until we have notes of him being seen at an ER clinic in Springfield, MO on 11/5 and being unable to use his hind legs at all. At this time as stated in the records from the ER Clinic the owner declined x rays due to financial reasons and it was made clear that Flash had a guarded prognosis, that managing a paralyzed dog can be difficult and this ER clinic offered to have Flash referred to a speciality clinic for surgery and they discussed getting a cart for Flash. The owner declined all methods mentioned and suggested and they went home with prescriptions for Gabapentin and Tramadol and the owner was taught how to express Flash's bladder manually.

Upon arrival to IVRC Flash was examined, a bloodwork and Urinalysis were run and an Xray taken. Flash's bloodwork was all within normal range but he has a raging UTI. It was quickly noted Flash has two large sores on his back legs and we now know these are urine scalds  Flash is also acting hyperreactive to anyone even touching his ear  We can't really blame him, his pain was not being managed at all, his world just got turned upside down. On Monday 11/21 Flash was examined by Dr Reimer, had a CT done to locate the ruptured disc and underwent a Hemilaminectomy surgery.

Dr Reimer said he did very well during surgery but the disc material was a very putrid green color and he sent it off to pathology due to the fact he has never seen that color before. Like human bruises when a disc blows and then the longer that material sits on the spine it continued to turn different colors. Flash's spinal cord was intact and looked healthy.

We were incredibly hopeful that the Hemilaminectomy surgery would allow Flash to regain the use of his back legs. But on 11/26 Flash's bloodwork started to take a turn for the worse :( His blood sodium levels began to increase and despite all medical efforts to try to get them to lower we were unsuccessful and other levels began to rise as well.  The results were Flash not being able to calm himself, deep heavy breathing and him knowing something wasn't right within. Flash's body was systematically shutting down and despite all efforts to medically treat him we've hit the point of no return for him  We were lucky to have had one internal med specialist, three er drs and orthopedic dr overnight with him.  We wouldn't continue to let him suffer, he'd been through too much in his short time .So on 11.28.2016 Flash gained his wings and became yet another bright star to guide us.  
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